Saturday, July 9, 2016

Fried Circuits–Great Customer Support


I recently purchase some items from the Tindie store of Fried Circuits and was grateful for their awesome support.


Their store front is located here: and they have some good maker/hacker items worth a look.  So I ordered a USB Tester 2.0 and 2 VA Tester Scratch & Dents, when they arrived I looked them over and found that the VA Scratch & Dents were actually USB Scratch and Dents.

The items that came to me.
[Notice that the purple ones have the soldering pads for USB connections]


I then contacted them through the Tindie Support mechanism and William responded to let know know that they were out of the USB S&D, but after I sent him a photo of what I received he recognized the error.

The updated items.
[These purple boards have the 2-pins holes on each end for those blue screw terminal blocks]



So, after letting me know he would send replacements, another email came that he’d actually send the 2 of the regular products, I.e. non-Scratch and Dent!  I was floored there’s about a $10 difference between the 2 and I gracefully accepted.  About 5 days later they arrived and soldered them up.  They work great and Fried Circuits deserves Kudos for the great customer service that I am sure you will get too.