Wednesday, March 1, 2017

RoboDyn and their bad support!

Greeting folks, I started buying some RoboDyn products from AliExpress and they were good boards and sensors and worked well.  Then about 4 months ago I had an issue with one of their Arduino DUE clones. The Programming Port stopped functioning.  So I wrote them using the builtin Messaging system about this issue and they asked for a photo/screenshot of the Arduino IDE and it’s error message, which I provided. 

Now, this board was working fine and just suddendly stopped working, so his response threw me, he asked me to use version 1.7 of the IDE.  So, I responded, that. “Why would the IDE verison 1.6.7, 1.6.8 and 1.6.9, work fine and then suddenly stop working, with only the Programming port affected: the Native port worked fine for it’s purpose. 

Screenshot 2016-11-09 02.27.39

The issue, was that it no longer showed up in the IDE, no matter what computer, 3 of them or what USB port I used or what IDE version I used, 6 of them.  Then the waiting game started, after a MONTH, he finally responded that he’d like to see a “video that you operated.”  This is really strange and after a day to think about how to do this with only my phone, tried to film it.

I posted it on Dec. 10th and I have NOT heard from at all since then and I have been messaging him about every 2 weeks since then.

This to me, and maybe to others is really bad form for a company doing business on the interent, no matter where they are from.  I didn’t take it from ICS Station and I am not going to take from RoboDyn or anywhere else that doesn’t support their products once it arrives at it’s destination.

What are you thoughts?

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